10 Best Chrome Extensions for Graduates to Boost Productivity

Posted in Marketing Buzz on Feb 25, 2020


If you’re pursuing an MBA, you’ll be researching various topics, looking for the best ways to write exquisite essays, and study the prescribed reading lists online in a short time with a better quality.

It’s often considered tedious work to manage many things while researching. You may be distracted with the overflow of content available on social media and other websites.

Lucky, if you are using Google Chrome. As it has the privilege to add as many extensions you want to extend its features to make it work the way you want it. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Google Chrome extensions for Students to Boost Productivity During Study Time

> Grammarly

With Grammarly you can check your content grammar. It works almost on all websites. Grammarly can suggest alternative words in case there are any kind of sentence fragments. The basic version doesn’t cost you anything.

> Selection reader

Selection reader is a tool where it allows you to test content readability and also helps you to know how it sounds when it is actually read. It is a must-have tool if you are writing any titles for a project or any kind of questions you want to ask on any online forum.

> Save to Google Drive

Save to Google Drive is a simple extension that lets you save content that you find on the internet. Save to Google drive automatically convert Microsoft Office files and save them in Google docs format.

> Voice in Voice Typer

If you're someone who is new to typing and have too much of typing work to complete in a short time, then this is the extension you should add to your Google Chrome. You can just start with a right click and click on start recording. Then all you need to do is to dictate what you want to write and this extension will take care of the rest.

> Google Dictionary

We learn new words every day, We encounter new words every day. You might have searched for meaning by entering something like “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious meaning” like 100 times. By installing Google Dictionary extension you can get meaning of any word by simply double-clicking or selecting any particular word on the page and it opens up a small pop-up bubble- to view the complete definition of the word without shifting tab.

> Block and Focus

Block and Focus let you block unwanted websites during your study time. You just need to list down all websites that you want to stop accessing while on studies it will show you a blank page with some motivational quotes when you try to access restricted websites. By this, you can cut down excessive usage of a social media website. You can even set break time during study hours.

> Focusbook

Focusbook will let you add a short note as a reminder. Suppose your colleagues have shared some important content on your college Facebook group and you want to copy it, it is often found that we get carried away with Facebook news-feeds. When you use Focusbook it will bother you on reminding you what purpose you opened Facebook.

> Bitly

Bitly is a link shortener, whenever you want to bookmark any link you can make use of Bitly. It gives you statistics like clicks and views. You can brand links. You will be able to save important links quickly for reference and share it via email, twitter or Facebook.

> Session Buddy

Session buddy helps you save important websites links at once. It will avoid situations of losing information when your system temporarily crashes. The standout feature is it involves the option to export saved tabs in several different formats, suitable for emails and other documents.

Final Note

There are many other Google Chrome extensions made available on its web store. Make sure you use these extensions to remain more focused during your research and studies.

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