Why MBA in Uncertain Situation

Posted in MBA Careers on Sep 15, 2020


MBA may be your safest berth for your career success.

The coronavirus pandemic has generated alarming signals, that in no time at all, things are as usual to a new reality of masks, social distancing, and, unfortunately, high unemployment and shuttered storefronts. It is time to change fast to reach your long term goals.

The reality is that even in normal times you can’t as so many plans for the future as much as now you can prepare for it by investing in your education, the better opportunity to have options open. So the best decision is Enrolling for MBA the perfect way to set you up to thrive in a world that can change in the blink of an eye. Below listed are some reasons prove why an MBA is a smart choice for long-term success in an unknowable future.

Diversified career possibilities

When you invest in an MBA, you are in a sense reducing your career risk because MBAs are hireable across the spectrum of industries and job functions. Among nearly our 8,000 plus responding full-time IBMR MBA alumni, 21 percent work in the products/services industry, followed by technology (17%), finance/accounting (15%), consulting (14%), and are in the general management sector, followed by finance/accounting (11%), marketing/sales 29%), and consulting (5%).

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This diversity speaks to the wide applicability of the MBA curriculum to all types of businesses and the desirability of the MBA skill set among employers seeking new management talent. The MBA program can develop confidence that if overall conditions change—or even just if your interests change—you can pivot your career in a new direction because you’re employable in all kinds of organizations in a variety of roles. Hence An MBA Program Opens Doors to a Variety of Careers.

Soft skills synchronization with Managerial traits

MBA programs attract top talent and train them to effectively understand and lead people and solve problems with a strategic outlook. A survey of full-time MBA alumni shows that it has become compulsory that business school developed their soft skills—interpersonal abilities that enable harmonious and effective working interactions. This is, of course, by designing the live practice engagements of students in the field of their interest supported by soft skill training, leadership, presentation skills, and case study. Live projects It aids to LEARN HERE LEAD ANYWHERE to be secured.

A recent study highlights that overall nearly 9 in 10 recruiters agree or strongly agree that their new business school hires are primed for sustained success at their organizations because of soft skills.

Alumni network support

Strong alumni network members may be facilitators for providing internship, job opportunities and also support institute activities promoting CSR activities and also involve in sharing knowledge, that’ll likely happen to you a lot more than it does now. Beyond leveraging business school networks for job opportunities, there’s also a great sense of community and camaraderie that comes with it.

Cutting-edge experience with educational 4.0

MBA program curriculums are designed to meet the challenges of current business to provide solutions to the problems in an effective and efficient way, the core subjects strengthen the fundamental knowledge required for business supported by specialization to master in specific areas like Marketing, Finance, HR. IT etc

Additional support program in the concept of education 4.0 like SAP, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Hospitality Management, Logistics, Banking Operations, etc may provide weight age in resume to outperform in placements. In addition, MBA programs offer experiential learning opportunities that truly enable you to learn by doing, collaborating with your classmates, and real business leaders to innovate and problem solve.

Continuous learning for Career Building

Continuous learning options vary by program, so be sure to do your research and ask admissions staff about what they have to offer when you engage with them. It will signal that you’re committed not only to adding an MBA to your resume but that you’re committed to being the kind of lifelong learner and long-term thinker they want in their MBA classrooms and later in their alumni network.

MBA will provide you with a solid foundation of business and managerial knowledge, to sustain your career success over decades you’ll need to commit to being a lifelong learner and continually add new skills to your repertoire. Investing in an MBA is a smart choice for your long-term career prospects in a world that is always rapidly changing with openings for Smart Change Managers to strengthen the National, Social and Personal growth with Technical and Managerial knowledge acquired.

It always seems impossible, Unless It is Done, So Just Do It Now!

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